We are a vocational academy which means our program can be uniquely designed to equip students with what they actually need rather than ticking academic boxes. Because we have lived it we know there is much more to success than knowledge and training; it starts with confidence; self-belief tempered with realistic aspiration and hands-on experience. 


If you want to learn how to prepare for auditions, castings and create impactful showreels and self-tapes we can show the best way to get results. We can teach you self-promotion awareness to enable safe practice on social media and public speaking skills, and you can also explore the use of Performing Arts in a therapeutic context.


But if you just want a more interesting way to meet new people and have a good night out, that’s OK too! 


We offer:


*No full time commitment: Our weekly classes and projects are always scheduled to fit in with your other education or work commitments. You can add extra training to your membership but we leave those decisions to the individual.

*Affordability: making what we do accessible is very important -  we dont believe students should get into debt to follow their dreams!

*A broad range of study in film, theatre, and the creative arts.

*Access to casting agents, industry showcases and professional casting opportunities.

*Regular social events plus film screenings, live theatre performance opportunities and annual award nights.






Reading a script


Inhabiting the role


Finding your uniqueness


Who, What, Why!


Light's camera, action!


Hitting your mark


Confidence through live performance


Voice work & vocal coahing