Vocational Film & Actor Training

UK Film Academy was established in 2008 and has grown into an award winning Film and Performing Arts school across Hampshire, with students gaining industry level training,  professional experience, and work in both television and film.
We offer vocational film and actor training for all abilities, ages, and ambitions. 
Whether you are looking for professional or personal development, confidence or career building, or just as a way of exploring & expressing yourself.
UK Film Academy has got you covered!

"Film making is the chance to live many lifetimes"

James MacAvoy

Drama school

We encourage original creativity in our students. From ideas to storyboarding, screenwriting to filming, acting, directing and editing,live showcases. Our coaches are experienced professionals who are commited  to teaching our students the complete craft. We offer students many oppertunitys for proffesinal work . We are also very proud of our award winning films  an example of one is My Hidden Agenda about the impact of young people’s mental health upon their learning, which was recognised in The Big Sync Film Festival in the Public Service Announcements category. A wonderful example of how the arts can truly change the world! 

"We celebrate the stories and experiences of  young people and recognise the importance of validating the storytellers."

How We Measure Success



 In a world where celebrity, influence, and fame seems to bring both joy and pressure what does it mean to be successful;


what do we mean by success?

Does it mean being better than everyone else at something?

Does it mean making money or winning awards?


Well, it can and that's OK.


But here at UK Film Academy we like to think of success in a different way.


Over the decades we have had many successes, like student Felicia Mukasa who gained fame for her portrayal of the character Kiri Akindele in the Hulu original series “National Treasure: Kiri” (Original title: Kiri) and of course we celebrate each and every one.

But, we also celebrate students like Craig Cunningham  overcoming his anxiety and his bullies. The many students whose achievements happen quietly, but no less significantly. 


So how do we measure success at UK Film Academy? 


By setting realistic goals and reaching them while enjoying every step of the journey!




UK Film Academy

"This has turned my grandsons life around, strongly recommended. He's gone through school being badly bullied, no friend's, hiding behind a hood. Now he's back in school, going to the gym, loving life and it's all down to this acting class which he has only been doing for 3 months."


Donna Cunningham


Felicia Mukasa(UK Film Academy Hedge End) playing "Kiri" in channel 4s series "Kiri"

Jaime Roberts Dos Santos(UK Film Academy Portsmouth) Nissan Commercial

Sophia Baxter(UK Film Academy Whiteley) F&F Tesco TV Commercial

Darton High (2010 ) Written by Sandra Philip & Directed by Louisa Hart.  A school based  TV drama series screened on Latest TV and Youtube  featuring a cast of 80 UKFA students alongside Verona Rose (Secret Crush -  Channel 4, Top Boy  - Netflix) and Murcus  Harris, (The Famous Five - BBC).

uk film academy

We run weekly evening classes in locations across Hampshire, which allow our students to attend school, college or work commitments without conflict. 

As well as these regular sessions membership of UK Film Academy gives students the opportunity of being put before our affiliated casting agent at no extra cost, and Spotlight with the usual fees.


Members will get many opportunities each term depending on their individual interests and will work on small class projects as well as large scale collaborative productions both in film and live theatre productions. This year we will be producing a brand new on-line drama which will be open to actors from both our youth and adult members. 


Our teaching year culminates in an awards and oscar night where students and guests are invited to attend a red carpet event at a prestigious venue. At this celebration we recognise achievements big and small which is a highlight for all our students.  We also hold regular agent days for all ages and present a live showcase performance before invited industry casting agents to give students the best possible opportunity to gain industry employment.



Oscar Night

Musical Theatre & Screen Acting

Ages 5-8/9-12 years old

Theatre Show

Screen Acting, Theatre & Film Production

Ages 13-17 years old

UK film Academy

Screen Acting, Public Speaking

18-25/over 25 years old